Kavalan Distillery 01

Touring Taiwan’s Whisky Titan: A Visit to Kavalan Distillery

I remember my first taste of Kavalan. It was at a master class during a whisky festival, and Taiwanese whisky was very much a novelty at the time. Since then, Kavalan has gone from strength to strength. Its brand has grown massively, in no small part thanks to the multitude of awards snatched up. So when I marked Taiwan as my next holiday destination, I immediately checked Google Maps to see where the famous Kavalan distillery was located. After a not-so-accidental detour, we found ourselves at the King Car Yuan Shan distillery, as the place is more properly called. The home of such products as Mr. Brown coffee, Buckskin beer, YoGo Fresh yoghurt drinks, and more importantly… Kavalan Single Malt!

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