Glenrothes Select Reserve

Glenrothes Select Reserve ReviewDistillery: Glenrothes
Region: Speyside
Age: No age statement
abv: 43%

Glenrothes distillery is located in the Speyside and is known for its creamy, smooth, sweet whiskies. Their spirit matures rather quickly, and is very drinkable from a young age. As such, it has traditionally been very popular with blending houses, and forms the heart of such notable blends as Cutty Sark and Famous Grouse. The former is owned by one of London’s fanciest wine and spirit merchants – Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd – which has made Glenrothes its house whisky. These bottlings were initially vintages only, each with their own handwritten label. Therefore it was something of a breach of protocol when Glenrothes Select Reserve was released, as this is a vatting of casks from different ages. The result is a very drinkable whisky at a much more affordable price. While vatting was somewhat of an experiment for Glenrothes, the Select Reserve has turned out well and is thankfully here to stay.

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Lagavulin 16 year old

Lagavulin 16 year old reviewDistillery: Lagavulin
Region: Islay
Age: 16 years old
abv: 43%

Although founded legally in 1816, Lagavulin traces its roots back to a group of illicit distillers on Islay’s southern shores, far away from the grasp of nosy excisemen. After several decades of moonshining, these smugglers ultimately merged into what would become the licensed Lagavulin distillery. Lagavulin is distinctive for its low, pear-shaped stills and slow distillation process. This allows many of the rougher, more flavourful vapours to make the cut. Paired with the high levels of peat in its malt, this makes Lagavulin’s raw spirit one of the roughest, wildest liquids you can find. It should come as no surprise then that its core expression is aged for no less than 16 years. While this maturation takes some of the sharper edges off the spirit, Lagavulin remains a wonderfully characterful whisky, full of punch but with a dignified sophistication to match its ferocity. The result is an absolute masterpiece: my favourite Classic Malt and one of the jewels in Diageo’s whisky crown.

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