Glenkinchie Distillers Edition

Glenkinchie Distiller's Edition ReviewDistillery: Glenkinchie
Region: Lowland
Age: Distilled in 2000, bottled in 2013
abv: 43%

Glenkinchie is one of only a handful of distilleries in the Lowlands. Situated just 15 miles from Edinburgh, it is a popular day trip for tourists wishing to visit a Scottish distillery. Part of Diageo’s Classic Malts range, Glenkinchie embodies the ‘typical’ Lowlands character of gentle, grassy whiskies. As with the other Classic Malts, Glenkinchie produces a Distillers Edition; a whisky that has received an extra maturation. For Glenkinchie, Amontillado sherry casks were chosen, giving the whisky a dry, fruity character. This version was distilled in 2000 and bottled in 2013, meaning it is likely a few months older than Glenkinchie’s standard expression.

Colour: Honey

Nose: Dry. Raisins and citrus have the upper hand, but notes of heather and vanilla also shine through.

Palate: Gentle malt flavours open up into honeyed cereal. The initial sweetness is replaced by a drier, nuttier character, while the sherry influences add some much-needed complexity.

Finish: Short and delicate. The citric notes briefly make a comeback, then give way to a more vegetative nature. The aftertaste is faintly reminiscent of a hay barn.

Verdict: While Lowland whiskies tend to lack some depth, Glenkinchie Distillers Edition masks this nicely through the extra sherry maturation. This additional layer of complexity adds some elegance to an otherwise insipid dram. The result is an ultra- delicate whisky that stimulates the senses in a very different way. A good pick for those who prefer softer, smoother whiskies.

Score: 3-star
Value for money: 🤩🤩🤩

Glenkinchie Distiller's Edition Review


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